This page will lead you to a dictionary of terms used at sea in the age of sailing ships – and many still are used – together with loads of trivia about things you never knew you wanted to know.  For this page we used to use the odd name combining ‘dictionary’ with ‘encyclopaedia’ – “Dictiopaedia”, but this caused some confusion so we bowed to fan pressure and changed it (you may find the odd reference to this name, where we’ve forgotten that it changed).

I’ve been compiling it for years, so please bear with me and keep checking it out, as it is very much a ‘work-in-progress’ with all sorts of odd references that will only mean something to me (for bits I have yet to get round to sorting out), so I’m very much sorting out my dirty washing in public, now.  It will also take a while because I’m still on the learning curve for all this website stuff – as you probably realise already – and because I have little time with which to work on it.

If you look for something and fail to find it, please let me know below and I’ll find it for you.  And when you know better than me, I’d like to be told of that, too – though perhaps less pleased.

Actually, if you do know better than me, I’m keen to find someone that would like to take on the task of finishing this compendium of naval miscellany – especially now my age is overtaking my available time to work on it.  We could either share the credits for the completed job or I could relinquish my interest in it to the right person, under the right arrangements.