Q1  Who won the World Cup in 1966?

A1  If you didn’t know it was England, you wouldn’t have asked – move on to a relevant FAQ please.

Q2  Where are Abie and Os from?

A2  Read the “Roots” page.

Q3  No, I mean, what gave Galf the inspiration?

A3  Galf has cartooned on and off since school days (mega past) and has had an interest in maritime history for many years – especially sailing ships – so when he retired from his day job he combined the two – and the rest is future history.

Q4  How are the AB&OS cartoons made?

A4  The first eighty-two were pen drawings scanned B&W at 600 dpi, saved in .TIF format – also reduced and saved in .JPG format for emails, viewing, etc.

Q5  Why are AB&OS published in Warships IFR magazine?

A6  Why not?  It’s simply the best publication about the navy, and other navies.

Q7  Do people really Frequently Ask Questions like these?

A7  No.  Galf made them up to add substance to this website.

Q8  Who is Galf?

A8  He often wonders that himself.  See the “Contact Us” page.

Q9  Can I ask a question?

A9  What on Earth do you think this page is for?  Of course you can!  See below.

Q10  Why should I donate to this website?

A10  Why not?  You’ll feel good about it – and I’ll feel even better.